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Congratulations to all of our 2018 winners!

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Massey University Supreme Award

The Whole Mix Co. Ltd

Vegetable Noodle Range

Cuisine Artisan Award

Clevedon Buffalo Company

Marinated Buffalo Cheese: Garlic and Thyme

Countdown Grocery Foods Award

NoShortcuts Ltd

Feijoa Kasundi

Chilled/Short Shelf-Life Award, in association with Eagle Protect

Savour Ltd

Casheta Vegan Cheese

Frozen Award, in association with Palmerston North City Council

Alliance Group Ltd

Te Mana Lamb

Non-Alcoholic Beverages Award, in association with FoodHQ

The Apple Press

The Apple Press JAZZ™ Apple Juice

The Shout Alcoholic Beverages Award

8 Wired Brewing Co Ltd

Cucumber Hippy

Massey University Health and Wellbeing Award

The Whole Mix Co. Ltd

Vegetable Noodle Range

Novel Food or Beverage Award, in association with ATEED & The FoodBowl

PĀMU Landcorp Farming Ltd

Deer Milk Powder

New Zealand Food Safety, Food Safety Culture Award

Picot Productions Ltd

New Zealand Food Safety Primary Sector Products Award

Alliance Group Ltd

Te Mana Lamb

James and Wells Business Innovation Award

The Whole Mix Co. Ltd

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Available to finalists and category winners, these Quality Marks are a testament to the rigorous judging process all entrants go through to find those at the forefront of the industry. For those looking to grow their business, having a Quality Mark may be that extra point of difference to get your foot in the door and your product on the shelf.


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